96 Mantras

“96 Mantras” is a show of spontaneous drawings collaged to canvas on exhibit at the Gafney Library in Sanbornville, New Hampshire throughout September. Most were drawn at odd moments without planning, using whatever materials were conveniently at hand — copier paper, yellow tablet paper, graph paper — so the work is not archival. For that reason, it is not offered for sale but rather for the ephemeral enjoyment of a creative experiment.

Mantras are syllables (inaudible or vocalized) that are repeated during meditation. The term is derived from the root man (to think) and tra (to protect or free from bondage). Thus the mantra is an instrument of thought. “96 Mantras” are thoughts visualized in a spontaneous or meditative fashion.

View “96 Mantras” at the Gafney Library, 14 High Street in Sanbornville, New Hampshire during library hours: Tue.-Wed.-Thurs. 1-7 and Fri.-Sat. 9-12:30.

You are invited to create a mantra to become part of the “96 Mantra Sketch Book” which is on exhibit with the work. Drawing pens and paper are provided at the Gafney Library during the show. If you wish to contribute but cannot visit the show, create a drawing sized 4×4 inches and send it by mail to: Anita’s Beads, 2517 Wakefield Road, Sanbornville, New Hampshire 03872.