Anita’s Guide to Color Energy

Color is energy. Each color of the rainbow has a different frequency and power which acts on us through light rays. Light stimulates our body’s endocrine system and chakras (energy centers). Each color vibrates at its own frequency and affects us in a different way. Allow your intuition to guide your color selection. We are often attracted by what we need the most.

Violet: Beauty; Brings more of what you already have; Calms excitable people; Color of magicians; Connection to spirit; Cooling; Creativity; Expansion in all forms; Fidelity; Heals insomnia; Inspiration; Motivates personal assuredness; Protects from overindulgence; Purification of thought; Realization of highest potential; Recognition and fame in chosen field; Reduces influence of outside pressures; Restores faith; Spiritual awareness; Spiritual peace; Stimulates intuitive abilities; Success in financial affairs; Weight loss. Chakra: Crown. Zodiac Sign: Pisces; Sagittarius.
Pink: Affection; Consideration; Energizes femininity; Kindness; Motivates responsibility; Peace of mind; Relaxes mental tension; Removes aggression and irritation; Stimulates the heart; Strengthens friendships; Universal love. Chakra: Heart. Zodiac Sign: Libra; Taurus.
Red: Attracts romantic relationships; Connection to physical self; Counteracts physical fatigue; Courage; Expression of power; Good luck; Grounding; Heals reproductive system; Passion; Protection from fire and lightning; Security; Self-confidence; Stimulates life energy; Strength; Victory; Vitality; Will-power. Chakra: Root. Zodiac Sign: Aries; Taurus.
Orange: Abundance in projects already begun; Assimilation of new ideas; Attracts others in a positive way; Attracts success; Brings joy to our work; Broadens the mind; Builds vitality, energy and stamina; Confidence; Connection to emotional self; Happiness; Prosperity; Removes inhibition and repression; Resourcefulness. Chakra: Sacral. Zodiac Sign: Leo.
Brown: Acquire basic needs for survival; Attracts animals; Color of St. Anthony for recovery of lost articles; Communication with intelligent force in trees; Earth energy; Friendship; Strength; Wards off sickness. Chakra: Root. Zodiac Sign: Capricorn; Virgo.
Yellow: Alters dark mood swings; Attracts people; Awareness; Balances depression; Brain food; Brings optimism and courage; Clarity; Connection to mental self; Curiosity; Mental agility; Motivates better communication; Self-esteem; Stimulates desires; Tonic effect on the nerves; Wisdom. Chakra: Solar plexus. Zodiac Sign: Gemini; Leo; Virgo.
Green: Abundance; Adaptability; Attract money; Attune to energy of plant kingdom; Balances energy; Cleanses energy; Connect with empathy to others; Connection to unconditional love; Employment; Harmony; Healing to the heart and circulatory system; Peace; Relax muscles; Renewal; Self-control; Sharing; Stimulates growth; Success. Emerald Green: Calms emotional response to discord; Motivates clearer insight; Promotes harmony, sympathy, health and abundance; Protects from outside interference; Stimulates practicality and balance. Light Green:Heals the body; Inspires feeling calm and carefree; Motivates self awareness; Soothes emotional stresses; Stimulates romantic dreams. Chakra: Heart. Zodiac Sign: Libra; Scorpio.
Turquoise: Awareness; Concentration; Confidence; Freedom of expression; Good for mental strain and tiredness; Heightens creativity and sensitivity; Meditation; Power to keep away evil; Reduces feelings of loneliness. Chakra: Throat. Zodiac Sign: Scorpio.
Blue: Balances hormones; Bestows peace from within; Calming; Communication; Connects to holistic thought; Fights infection; Good for hyper-active children; Harmony; Health; Higher wisdom; Knowledge; Lessens insomnia headache and stress; Mental relaxation; Peace of mind; Satisfaction; Truth. Cobalt Blue: Is calm, peaceful, cooling and uplifting; Motivates wisdom and discernment; Shields the emotions; Supports the spiritual quest. Light Blue: Calms down over-activity; Encourages logic and learning; Prevents emotional draining; Promotes increased perception Chakra: Throat. Zodiac Sign: Aquarius; Scorpio.
Indigo: Connection to unconscious self; Dreams; Imagination; Intuition; Lessens mental problems; Mysticism; Psychic perceptions; Relieves pain; Understanding. Chakra: Brow. Zodiac Sign:Aquarius; Pisces.
White: Alleviates emotional shock and despair; Chastity; Cleansing; Contact spirit helpers; Counteracts negative thinking; Happiness; Heals emotions; Humility; Integrity; Joy; Luck, Peace; Prevents overburdening; Purity; Relaxes muscular tension; Repels destructive energies; Spirituality; Truth. Chakra: Crown. Zodiac Sign: Cancer.
Black Eliminates fear of the unknown; Encourages self-control; Ends stagnant situations; Grounding; Motivates strength of convictions; Protects against emotional oversensitivity; Quiet power; Removes undesirable energies. Chakra: Root. Zodiac Sign: Capricorn.