S-Lon Cord

S-Lon Tex-210 (35#) is available on 77-yard spools in 101 colors. It is our most popular cord and is superb for Kumihimo braiding, bead crochet, micro-macrame, bead knotting, and stringing. An 8-strand kumihimo braid on Tex-210 can be finished with a 3mm end cap.  Price is $4.95/spool.


S-Lon Tex-135 or “Fine” cord (25#) is available on 110-yard spools in 27 colors. Beads with small holes can be incorporated into kumihimo braids by substituting the required number of strands with Tex-135. Use Tex-135 to make thin kumihimo braids of 11/0 beads which can be strung using a “Big Eye” needle. Use this cord for stringing gemstone beads. Price is $6.75/spool. NOTE: Discontinued by the distributor so we are unable to re-stock. Limited quantities now available.


S-Lon Tex-400  or “macrame” cord (75#) is available on 35-yard spools in 37 colors. It is the thickest S-Lon cord available. This bonded, 3-ply, twisted multi-filament cord has a diameter of .9mm and is similar in size to #10. Lovely for macrame, or use this cord with larger hole beads such as 6/0 seed beads to give your kumihimo braid more body. An 8-strand kumihimo braid on Tex-400 can be finished with a 4mm end cap. Price is $5.95/spool.


S-Lon Tex-70 or “Micro” cord (11#) comes on 287-yard spools and is available in 17 colors. This product is braided nylon mono-filament thread similar to size “B” and is great for bead crochet, bead embroidery, and bead weaving projects using 15/0, and 11/0 seed beads.  Price is $7.50/spool. NOTE: Very limited stock. Being discontinued.


S-Lon Tex-45 (Size D – 0.11mm) is a nylon monocord (7#) available on 78-yard bobbins in 36 colors. It has almost no stretch and will fit through a #12 beading needle.  It has the feel of Nymo, but comes close to the strength of Power Pro and can be used for many types of beadwork including Peyote stitch, loom warping, off-loom netting projects and other multi-pass bead stitches. Tex-45  is a recommended choice for stringing the very popular Chan Luu inspired beaded wrap bracelets.  Price is $1.50/bobbin.


S-LonTex-35 (Size AA ) is no longer stocked at Anita’s Beads

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