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Summer Hours/New Art!

We’ve recently returned to our regular hours at Anita’s Beads: Open 10-5 (12-5 Sundays); Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. These hours will remain in effect until the end of December.

Visit the tumblr site to see the new paintings and collages just posted. This past winter was a very productive one for art!

The collage painting above titled CBC-X Mandala (30×30) is a personal favorite. The most popular on tumblr so far is the 8×8-inch collage shown below called Polka Dots/Red Line.

Visit the art gallery at Anita’s Beads during regular shop hours. You can contact Anita by telephone at 603-522-6529 or by email at anitaNH@roadrunner.com

Rte. 16 Holiday Stop-and-Shop

Anita’s Beads is participating in an event featuring small area business along Route 16 in the Wakefield, New Hampshire area. Today through Monday we are offering 50% off on all books and magazines. Another special for the Holiday Stop-and-Shop is a BOGO deal on our popular tube bracelets. For every bracelet you purchase at $20. you will receive a second bracelet free.

Holiday shoppers will be entered into a raffle for gift basket, contents donated by the participating businesses listed above. Hours for Anita’s Beads are 10-5 (12-5 Sunday); closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

New Stones for Holiday Gifts!

Stop in and see our new stones and crystals just added for holiday shopping at Anita’s Beads and Toad Hollow Minerals. We found some beautiful “Herkimer Diamond” quartz crystals, gold sheen Obsidian hearts, Pyrite spheres and Ruby-in-Matrix Palm stones:

Citrine has been on our list for a while and we were happy to obtain some lovely large points with rainbows, as well as some smaller crystals:

Dragon Jade hearts, and palm stones in Black Tourmaline, “Ruby” Garnet and Lepidolite are also new additions:

You will love our new Apophyllite, Pink Stilbite clusters and fossil Ammonites:

The shop is open 10-5 (12-5 Sunday). Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. We’re located on Rte 153 at 2517 Wakefield Road in Wakefield, New Hampshire. Call Anita at 603-522-6529 with questions or to have an order shipped by mail.

New Minerals July 2020

Plan a trip to Anita’s Beads to see the beautiful Toad Hollow stones and crystals we’ve just put out. New items include: Lapis Lazuli hearts, Apophyllite crystal “pyramids,” Selenite “unicorn horns,” polished Garnet, Larimar specimens, Ruby-in-Fuschite palm stones, Moonstone palm stones, Black Tourmaline palm stones…

Select a photo from the gallery to enlarge and click through a slide-show.

Anita’s Beads and Toad Hollow Minerals hours are: 10-5 (12-5 Sunday); Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. Contact Anita for more information at: 603-522-6529.

Shop Re-Opening May 11th 2020

Anita’s Beads will re-open on Monday May 11th 2020 after a 50-day closing! We will be following the New Hampshire state guidelines which require that masks be worn.

We will revert back to our normal hours of operation: Open 10-5 (12-5 Sundays); Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

To celebrate Mother’s Day we will offer $25. off of our Sterling Silver “Daily Bracelets” (regular price $175.) through Monday May 18th. Just tell Anita “I saw it on AnitaNH.com !” when you make your purchase. This offer is extended to telephone orders as well as purchases made in the shop.

Lapis Lazuli April Fool's Day Sale

Today I am sharing my under-the-counter stash of Lapis Lazuli beads from Afghanistan. Some of you may remember the tray from a visit to the shop. Get me talking about Lapis Lazuli and I am certain to bring it out!

Our first offering is everyone’s favorite: an 18-inch knotted graduated strand of convex center-drilled disc beads. The largest bead is 48x48mm. The smallest is 24x24mm. The beads are about 8mm thick at the center. There is only one strand available. First two photos show the same strand from both sides. The third shows detail of pyrite inclusions. Regular price: $495. for the strand. We’re offering a 20% discount if you order before April Fool’s Day. Discounted price: $396.

Contact Anita at 603-522-6529 or anitaNH@roadrunner.com to place your order. Stock is limited to the items described in this post and you will receive the item pictured. Order by April Fool’s Day (April 1, 2020) and receive a 20% discount off the regular price.

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Temporary Measures: Mail Order Only

Hello everyone. In an effort to best serve you all in a safe manner Anita’s Beads will be open for Telephone (603-522-6529) and Email (anitaNH@roadrunner.com) orders only for the next two weeks.

Shipping is by priority mail although we can discuss personal pick-up at the time you place your order–drive-through take-out for beads and minerals! Visa and Mastercard accepted.

We will be featuring a different product daily in a blog post on this website . Later today we will post our lovely marbled book endpapers. (Thank you to Betsy Ferguson for the inspiration.)

Stay safe and happy !

4-Strand Seed Bead Bracelet Instructions

Our multi-strand seed bead bracelets are easy to make and fun to wear. The four-strand kits contain seed beads, a button for the closure, and cord. The only required tool is sharp scissors. ( Note: This example shows Czech seed beads that are strung by the manufacturer but different kits may contain loose beads.)

4-Strand Bracelet Kit No. 3 contains copper-plated Mandala button, Black Diamond Copper-lined AB Czech seed beads and two 1-yard pieces of 7-ply waxed linen cord.
String the two pieces of waxed linen through the button shank.
Move the button to the center of the two pieces of cord.
Arrange the cords so one length remains in the center and the other length is used for tying macrame knots. Tie one knot around the center cords beginning with the cord on the left.
Tighten your first knot up to the button. Make a second knot around the center cords. This time begin with the cord on the right.
Tighten the second knot up flush with the first
Here you can see the flat macrame pattern. Four or five knots are enough. Hint: if you forget which side to tie from next, look for the little “bump.” In the example above it is on the left so your next knot would begin on the left.
Now you are ready to string on beads. Seed beads that come strung are an advantage because you can slip them off in groups and transfer them to a new string quicker than stringing them one at a time.
String equal amounts of beads onto all four of the cords. Between 7 and 7.5 inches of beads will fit an average woman’s wrist. String more for a man’s bracelet. The kit provides enough beads for up to 10 inches per strand.
Tie the four strands together in an overhand knot.
Push the knot down to the beads. Pull each strand individually to tighten the knot.
Tie the four strands together in a second overhand knot leaving as space between the first and the second knots for the button to fit through.
Make sure your button fits before tightening the second knot.
String a single seed bead onto each of the four cord ends to make a decorative fringe.
Tie a double knot in each strand to keep the fringe beads from slipping off. Trim excess cord.
4-Strand Seed Bead Bracelet Kit No. 3

4-Strand Seed Bead Bracelet Kit No. 1 and No. 2 contain 6/0 mixes on strings. Retain the random order or re-arrange to create a custom pattern. The cording in these two kits is S-Lon Tex-400 which is not waxed. We recommend the use of Hypo Cement (available at Anita’s Beads) to secure the knots at the end. Trim your ends as necessary while you string. Extra cord is provided to allow for trimming. You can also apply clear nail polish or beeswax to the end of the cord to stiffen it.

4-Strand Seed Bead Bracelet Kit No. 1
4-Strand Seed Bead Bracelet Kit No. 2
4-Strand Seed Bead Bracelet Kit No. 4