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Marbled End Papers

Today’s offering was inspired by an artist’s request. These antique marbled end papers will make lovely additions to your collage or mixed-media art. A nice way to decorate journals also.

All of the following are $3./sheet. The number indicates how many sheets are available.
A/6  B/2  C/2  D/2  E/2 F/2  G/1  H/2  I/2 J/1  K/2  L/1  M/2 X/2

All of the following are $2./sheet.
N/2  O/2  P/1  Q/2 R/2  S/1  T/2  U/4  V/2 W/1

The $3. sheets average 6×9 inches. The $2. sheets 5×7 inches. Strike-through indicates item is sold out. Contact Anita at 603-522-6529 or anitaNH@roadrunner.com to place an order.