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About Stones: “Super-Seven” Quartz


Astrological Sign: All
Chakra: All
Lore: Super Seven quartz is also known as “Sacred Seven” or “Melody Stone.” It is a synergistic healing combination of clear quartz, amethyst, smoky quartz, cacoxenite, goethite, lepidochrosite and rutile. Use it to gain access to higher consciousness when channeling. This combination of minerals promotes expansion, transformation and telepathy. It never needs cleansing.
Geology: Mined in Espirito Santo, Brazil.
Localities: Brazil

About Stones: Malachite


Astrological Sign: Capricorn, Scorpio
Chakra: Solar Plexus, Heart, Sacral
Lore:  Malachite was a woman’s mineral dedicated in numerous cultures to the goddess. It can help create an unobstructed path towards personal goals.
Geology: Malachite is a carbonate formed through a secondary process in the oxidation zone of copper ore deposits. It often occurs in botryoidal masses with a fibrous, banded structure that shows concentric internal banding when cut and polished. Avoid acids, ammonia, and salt water when wearing malachite jewelry.
Localities: Zaire, Chile, USSR, Arizona

About Stones: Carborundum


Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Chakra: All
Lore: The silicon content in laboratory produced carborundum has similar properties to that of natural quartz. It has been employed for memory enhancement and to improve manual dexterity. Use to amplify positive feelings.
Geology: Carborundum, or silicon carbide is a man-made mineral invented in Pennsylvania by Edward Goodrich Acheson in 1890. The result of a failed attempt to create diamonds, carborundum was formed from electrically fusing a mixture of clay and carbon. Carborundum, used as an industrial abrasive, is hard enough to scratch glass. More recently it has been employed as a semiconductor. Silicon carbide, found in Arizona within a Canyon Diablo meteorite by Dr. Ferdinand Henri Moissan, has been named Moissanite. With a tetrahedral crystalline structure and an appearance similar to diamond, naturally occurring moissanite is rare. Gem quality moissanite is being manufactured and sold as a low cost alternative to natural diamonds.
Locality: Man made in Poland

About Stones: Bertrandite


Astrological Sign: Pisces, Capricorn, Aquarius
Chakra: Root, Sacral
Lore: Bertrandite supports a smooth transition when undergoing change. It assists in the verbalization of hidden feelings. Bertrandite is reputed to enhance sexual energy.
Geology: This relatively new material, an opalized fluorite, is also called Beryllium Opal,  “Tiffany Stone”  and Ice Cream Opalite. It occurs in a mixture of cream or white opalite with purple fluorite, traces of yellow bertrandite, along with other red or black mineral inclusions. Mineralized beryllium nodules altered by a fluorine-rich solution form in the sequence dolomite-calcite-chalcedony-opal/fluorite. The nodules are recovered from an area where the bertrandite rock is mined commercially for the recovery of beryllium used in the manufacture of satellites and aircraft. Bertrandite is beryllium silicate hydroxide.
Composition: Be4Si2O7(OH)2
Hardness: 6-7
Locality:  Brush Wellman Beryllium Mine, Juab County, Delta, Utah

About Stones: Azurite/Malachite


Astrological Sign: Sagittarius, Capricorn 
Chakra: Brow
Lore: Azurite-malachite encourages an interest in our surroundings and fellow human beings. It encourages harmony between the intellect and feelings, and helps to release suppressed emotions. 
Geology: Azurite-malachite is a rare alkaline copper carbonate formed by rainwater containing carbolic acid in the oxidation zone of copper ore deposits.
Localities: Arizona, West Germany