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About Stones: Dragon’s Blood Stone


Astrological Sign: Leo
Chakra: Heart
Lore: Dragon’s Blood Stone is a healing stone that enhances life force, balance, courage, strength and vitality. Carry to draw money and love. It is known as a talisman of safety and profit, helping us to find new relationships. The stone is a “seeker/transformer” helping us discover new paths and approaches.
Geology: Dragon’s Blood Stone is a jasper, a variety of quartz, containing a mixture of green epidote and red piedmontite.
Localities: Australia, South Africa

About Stones: Aquamarine


Astrological Sign: Gemini, Pisces, Aries
Chakra: Throat
Lore: Aquamarine is a stone of courage. It accelerates the intellectual reasoning process and enhances the connection with our higher self. It brings tolerance to judgmental people and order to those overwhelmed by responsibility. It is a talisman for sailors.
Geology: Aquamarine means ‘Water of the Sea’ in Latin. It is a member, together with Emerald, of the beryl group. Aluminum beryllium silicate colored by iron, aquamarine ranges from blue to blue-green.
Localities: Brazil, South Africa, Maine, Connecticut, Afghanistan

About Stones: Dravite


Astrological Sign: Aries
Chakra: Solar Plexus, Sacral
Lore: Dravite empowers us, encouraging inner strength and calm. This tourmaline species is a powerful healer, particularly in the area of family dysfunction. Use for grounding after working with stones of high vibration. Carry for stamina when experiencing difficult situations. Aids in the release of negativity. Supports overcoming of addictions.
Geology: Dravite is a brown, sodium magnesium rich, species of tourmaline.
Localities: India, Brazil, Canada

About Stones: Angelite


Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Chakra: Throat
Lore: Angelite forms a protective field around the environment where it is placed. It assists in communication with spirit totems. It can enhance awareness, telepathy, and astral travel.
Geology: Angelite is the mineral anhydrite, an important rock-forming mineral associated with gypsum and dolomite. The name is from the Greek meaning ‘without water.’ Angelite forms blue and white nodules and masses with an occasional touch of red hematite.
Localities: Peru

About Stones: Shungite


Astrological Sign: Cancer
Chakra: All
Lore: Shungite neutralizes electromagnetic emissions, waterborne contaminants, free radicals, and negative energy. It shields from harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) from computers, cell phones and towers, WI-FI, microwave ovens and televisions. Shungite removes negative energies and thoughts, enhances metaphysical abilities, and promotes cell rejuvenation. Wear on the left side of the body because energies enter the aura through the left side.
Geology: Shungite is named for the village in Russia, Shunga, in the province of Karelia where it is found. It is one of the few natural Earth sources of fullerene, a rare hollow carbon molecule.
Localities: Russia

On the Stone Porch


Here’s a list of our current stock of Toad Hollow tumbled stones, rough, and crystals. Visit the stone porch at Anita’s Beads to choose your favorites. If you are too far away to pay a visit, let Anita select for you and ship your order by mail.

Amazonite $3.
Amazonite, Heart $5.
Amazonite, Russian $1.
Amber $3.
Amethyst $2.
Angelite $5.
Apache Tear $1.
Apatite $3.
Aquamarine $4.
Aquamarine, New Hampshire (Rough) $1.
Aragonite/Brown $3.
Aragonite/Yellow $2.
Aventurine .50
Baltic Amber $2.
Black Onyx .50
Black Tourmaline (Rough) $1.
Bloodstone $1.
Bloodstone Sphere $4.
Blue Agate $1.
Blue Aventurine .50
Blue Calcite (Rough) $5.
Blue Goldstone $1.
Blue Lace Agate $3. / .50
Blue Scapolite (Rough) $2.
Botswana Agate $3.
Brecciated Jasper .50
Bronzite $3.
Carnelian $3.
Chalcopyrite $5.
Charoite $1.
Chevron Amethyst $2.
Chiastolite $5.
Chinese Writing Rock $1


Chrysocolla $8. / .50
Chrysocolla (Rough) $8.
Citrine $1.
Citrine XL $2.
Citrine XL, Small $1
Copal Amber (Rough) $3.
Copper $1.
Copper, Sculptured $5.
Coprolite, Opalized $1.
Cowrie Shell $2.
Crinoid Fossil Stone $2.
Dalmation Stone $2.
Dinosaur Bone (Rough) $6.
Dragon’s Blood Stone $1.
Dumortierite $1.
Elephant Jasper $2.
Epidote $2.
Falcons Eye $1.
Fire Agate (Rough) $4.
Fluorite $3. / .50
Fluorite Octohedron $1.
Fossil Algae $3.
Garnet $3.
Garnet (in Tube) $4.
Goldstone $3.
Green Calcite (Rough) $3.
Green Fluorite Octohedron $4.
Hematite $5. / .50
Herkimer Diamond $3.
Hiddenite $1.
Howlite .50
Iolite .50
Iolite (Rough) $1.
Jade $3.


Jet $1.
King Cobra Jasper $2.
Kunzite Crystal $6.
Kyanite $7.
Labradorite $4.
Laguna Agate (Rough) $3.
Lapis Lazuli $6. / $1.
Larimar (Rough) $1.
Lemon Chrysoprase $3.
Leopardskin Jasper $2. / .50
Lepidolite $1. / .50
Lepidolite, Africa $2.
Lepidolite (Rough) $5.
Magnetite $2.
Mahogany Obsidian .50
Mahogany Obsidian Sphere $4.
Malachite $4.
Marbled Jasper $1.
Mochi Marble $2.
Mookaite $2.
Moonstone $1. / .50
Moss Agate .50
Nephrite Jade $2.
Ocean Jasper $3.
Orange Calcite (Rough) $4.
Orange Millennium (Carnelian Nodule) .50
Peridot (in Tube) $4.
Petrified Wood $3.
Picasso Stone $4. / .50
Picture Jasper $2.
Pietersite $5.
Pink Botswana Agate $2.
Polychrome Jasper $4.
Prehnite $4.


Pumice (Rough) $1.
Pyrite (Rough) $5.
Quartz .50
Quartz Crystal $3.
Quartz Crystal, Chlorite $5.
Quartz Crystal, Jewelry Point $4.
Quartz Crystal, Notched $5.
Quartz Spheres, Assorted $5.
Rainbow Jasper $1.
Rainforest Jasper $1.
Red Calcite $3.
Red Jasper $1
Red Tiger Eye $3.
Redwood Opal $3.
Rhodochrosite $2.
Rhodonite .50
Rhodonite Marble .50
Rose Quartz $1.
Rose Quartz Sphere $4.
Rubellite (Pink Tourmaline) w/Lepidolite in Quartz $3.
Ruby/Kyanite (Rough) $4.
Ruby/Zoisite $4.
Rutilated Quartz $5.
Scolicite $4.
Seftonite $2.
Selenite $3.
Serpentine $2.
Serpentine, Matte Finish $3.
Shungite $5.
Silicon $2.
Silver Leaf Jasper .50
Silver Leaf Jasper .50
Smoky Quartz $3.
Smoky Quartz Elestial Crystal $5.
Snowflake Obsidian (Rough) $4.
Sodalite $3. / .50
Tektite $5.
Tiger Iron  $4. / .50
Tiger’s Eye $2.
Topaz .50
Tree Agate .50
Turitella Agate $2.
Turquoise $3. / $1.
Unakite $1.
Voegesite $3.
White Calcite $2.
Window Quartz $5.
Yellow Apatite Crystal $1.
Zebra Marble (Rough) $3.
Zebra Serpentine $3.

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