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About Stones: Mother of Pearl


Astrological Sign: Pisces
Chakra: Root
Lore: Mother of pearl carries the gentle, peaceful healing energy of the sea. It relaxes, soothes emotions, lessens feelings of sensitivity and helps reduce stress. Healing to those who are idealistic or realists, it aids in the attainment of acceptance. Mother of Pearl is a strong healer of the instinctive center, lessening survival-oriented fears. It is a source of cohesive energy when used in a group.
Geology: Sometimes referred to as MOP, mother of pearl is derived from the glossy inside of the pearl oyster shell.
Locality: Oceans

About Stones: Cowrie Shell


Astrological Sign: Pisces
Chakra: Sacral
Lore: The cowrie shell is an ancient symbol for creation, birth, and re-birth. It can help us actualize a spiritual re-awakening. Used for manifestation, it will bring good fortune and affluence. The cowrie can inspire the creativity of excellence. They are a favorite element of female adornment in the African culture, and are a symbol of power in the Fiji and Solomon Islands.
Biology: Cowries are snails in the family Cypraeidae. There are over 250 known living species.
Locality: Warm seas