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Dragonfly Earrings


Below are the instructions for the Dragonfly Earring Kits offered at Anita’s Beads. To complete your kit you will need a “Big Eye” needle, a pair of sharp scissors, and “Hypo-Cement” glue.

The kit includes two pieces of 6# Fireline, Czech dagger beads, Czech 4mm machine cut round beads, size 11/0 seed beads, 4mm soldered jump rings, and earwires.

You will string using a single strand of Fireline. The earring is reinforced by going around the path multiple times. Begin by picking up an 11/0 seed bead, one faceted round (the head), another 11/0 seed bead, two dagger beads, another 11/0 seed bead, four faceted rounds (the tail), and another 11/0 seed bead as shown below.


Pull your thread through, leaving a 9-inch tail (single strand) of fire line at the head. You will need this piece later.


Skipping the seed bead, pass your needle up through the four tail beads. Now add one 11/0 seed bead, two dagger beads, and another 11/0 seed bead. Now pass your needle through the head and the first 11/0 seed bead.

Pick up the soldered jump ring and repeat the path a second time to reinforce the earring. After you go through the jump ring a second time, continue down through the 11/0 seed bead above the head, the head, the left seed bead below the head, the two left wings and the seed bead below the left wings.

Now remove your needle from the main thread and thread the tail onto the needle. Pass the needle through the jump ring, the seed bead above the head, the head, the seed bead to the right, the two right wings, and the seed bead below the two right wings. Remove the needle.

Tighten the threads and tie a double knot. Pass the two ends of the thread down through the top three tail beads and trim with sharp scissors. Lay the dragonfly flat on a piece of scrap paper and glue the knot. Place a drop or two of glue where the four wings come together to keep them from flopping.

After the glue dries, open the loop on an earring hook, slip on the soldered jump ring of your dragonfly, and close the loop. Repeat for second earring.